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HardPwn - Hardware Hacking Contest USA 2023 #HackFearlessly

Date Time Activity Schedule
30 May 11:00 Setup - Hardpwn Team
31 May 10:30 Setup, Intro and List of Target, OEM Presentation, Hack Stuff
1 June 10:00 Hack Stuff & Report Bugs
2 June 10:00 Hack Stuff & Report Bugs
3 June 10:00 Hack Stuff & Report Bugs

The fifth edition of HardPwn contest will be held during 2023 in Santa Clara Marriott, USA. At Hardpwn, you will be able to hack fearlessly (it is actually the vendor who is asking you to) and get rewarded. Companies might even recruit you if they really like your skills & hacks – why not participate?

What can I expect at the HardPwn contest?

  • We provide hardware devices (target) to the security researchers who have expertise in side-channel attacks, RFID/NFC hacking, breaking crypto, reverse-engineering firmware, etc.;
  • If you find an issue, you will report the vulnerability to the OEM directly in a controlled manner at the conference;
  • In return, the OEM will reward you with a prize, depending on the severity of the finding;
  • There would be an NDA signed and you and the other participants would not be allowed to disclose the finding in public till the issue is fixed by the vendor.

Target Device:

Reward Guidelines:

Google Devices

  • Qualifying vulnerabilities submitted to the Google Devices VRP are eligible for a reward up to $10,000. Rewards for exploit chains allowing code execution go up to $250,000 .
  • See Google VRP reward guidelines

Meta Devices

  • General payout guidelines – we have not finalized on any event specific bonus.
  • How to submit reports
  • Our responsible disclosure terms.



Tools We Provide:

Portable Handheld Mini Digital Oscilloscope Proxmark3 iFixit toolkit
LCD Digital Microscope (HD 1080P , 12 Megapixels) Universal Programmer pnm5000 Smart soldering iron
Chipwhisperer Expliot Bus Auditor Solder flux
JTAGulator PicoEMP Safety goggles
Ubertooth One Bluetooth Dongle Pliers set
Salae Logic Analyzier 8pro SEGGER MicrocontrollerJlink Gloves
Hot Air Rework Station Power regulator 69 In 1 Mini Electric Screwdriver
nRF52840-Dongle Monitor Screen Wire Cutter
nRF52840-DK Multimeters Breadboard & Jumper Wires
PCBite kit with 4x SP10 probes and test wires LAN cable

What's in it for the vendors?

We are open to meeting vendors/OEMs willing to test their devices at our HardPwn challenge. Your devices will be tested by top security researchers attending! Interested? Then shoot us an email: [email protected]

Note: To make your hacking experience even smoother, we'll have the following hardware hacking tools available at the HardPwn booth (but in limited quantities): JTAGulator, Chipwisperer, Expliot NANO, Hydra Bus, USB Microscope, Rework Station, USB- TTL, Proxmark3, Ubertooth, TNM5000, Jlink, Saleae Logic, etc.

Participating Companies: