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Review board


We truly appreciate the effort and time spent by each and every Review Board Member in helping select the best content from the CFP submissions. Special thank you for all the useful advice you have given us throughout the years.

Review Board 2024 - 2025


Aseem Jakhar

Director, Payatu Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Cristofaro Mune

Co-Founder - Raelize

Dr. Yossi Oren

Researcher at Intel iSTARE

Felix Domke

Developer at Osdyne

Jasper van Woudenberg

CTO, Riscure

Lennert Wouters

PhD researcher, KU Leuven

Xeno Kovah

Founder - OST2 Training

Past Review Board 2015 - 2023


Adam Laurie

Director, Aperture Labs Ltd

Alex Gantman

Vice President, Qualcomm

Aseem Jakhar

Director, Payatu Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Chaouki Kasmi

Technology and Innovation Institute (TII), Abu Dhabi, UAE

Collin Mulliner

Principal Engineer - Cruise

Cristofaro Mune

Co-Founder - Raelize

Domenic Forte

Associate Professor at University of Florida

Don A. Bailey

Founder, Lab Mouse Security

Jasper van Woudenberg

CTO, Riscure

Joseph FitzPatrick

Hardware Hacker

Luis Miras

Principal Security Engineer - Amazon Lab126

Maddie Stone

Reverse Engineer, Google

Michael Hutter

Cryptography Architect, PQShield Ltd

Michael Ossmann

Founder of Great Scott Gadgets

Murtuja Bharmal

Director at Payatu Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Richo Healey

Security Engineering at Stripe

Robert Van Spyk

Senior Offensive Hardware Security Researcher