Secure Your Hardware Security Trainings and Conference Netherlands 2023


 Date : 30th October - 3rd November 2023

 Venue: Marriott Hotel, The Hague, Netherlands

Learn from leading hardware security researchers & professionals and discuss
the latest & most innovative research on attacking and and defending hardware.
Connect with industry peers. Join us for a bigger, bolder, and better



Secure your Hardware at NL 2023

The Netherlands has been the home for since 2015.

We are very excited to host the industry from automotive, healthcare, semiconductor, IoT, industrial control systems and Govt/Defences Institutes to join us for NL scheduled on 30 Oct to 3 Nov at Marriott Den Haag Hotel

Learn, share, build, collaborate with 70+ companies attending NL from around the globe to examine the current and future challenges in hardware security.

Registration is Open and checkout all the Speakers announced.


Journey of



All these years, I have been participating as a speaker or an attendee and (especially the NL conference) is an event I wait for and I cannot miss. The lineups are always amazing, and as a hardware and radio security enthusiast, I am interested in 100% of the talks, which is kind of unusual in other events. More importantly, I met people who are both among the best in their technical fields and very kind and open minded persons. The spirit and the scale of the event gives the opportunity to reach people and the time to exchange views.

José Lopes Esteves, ANSSI

Over the years, has become the cool place to learn and practice hardware security. Not only a fantastic conference, it’s also some hands-on training, interesting webinars and challenging CTFs. Hardware security has a conference, and it’s!

Renaud Feil, Synacktiv

I have 20+ years of experience in ASIC development and testing, and took the course IC Reverse Engineering & Code Dump by Olivier Thomas to get an insight in doing my previous work, but in reverse. It was clear from the first day of the course that Olivier is very experienced and knows what he is doing, and he proved to be an excellent tutor. In the four days of the course, Olivier also provided lots of useful tips and hints of many common pitfalls that I can’t see that I would have learned from someone that didn’t have the experience that Olivier has. I would have happily spent another four days soaking in even more of all the details.

Björn Ärleskog

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