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  • Security Trainings and Conference

    "The growth of the events (conferences, trainings, webinars) dedicated to hardware security demonstrates a positive impact on the communities which are brought together (academics, hacking scene, infosec professionals…) and I have always been very thankful to the team for making all this possible.

    All these years, I have been participating as a speaker or an attendee and (especially the NL conference) is an event I wait for and I cannot miss. The lineups are always amazing, and as a hardware and radio security enthusiast, I am interested in 100% of the talks, which is kind of unusual in other events. More importantly, I met people which are both among the best in their technical fields and very kind and open minded persons. The spirit and the scale of the event gives the opportunity to reach people and the time to exchange views."

    by José Lopes Esteves, ANSSI

  • Advanced Microcontrollers Firmware Exploitation Training

    by Alexander Bolshev

    "This past week I attended the - Hardware Security Conference and Training on Advanced Microcontrollers Firmware Exploitation. The instructors, Alexander Bolshev & Tao Sauvage were beyond excellent. This conference helped further my knowledge and understanding of how to conduct non-invasive exploitation methods (buffer overflows, fuzzing, bootloader vulnerabilities, & much more). The material taught was very understanding with plenty of time to complete the labs. The instructors were extremely helpful when a topic was unclear and answered every question with ample knowledge. I have left this conference with much more knowledge than I had before. I highly recommend a - Hardware Security Conference and Training to anyone who wants to further their knowledge on the latest exploitation methods."

    by Layne Magee

  • Assessing and Exploiting Control Systems & IIoT Training

    by Justin Searle

    "Really great training, thank you very much! I particularly enjoyed the hands-on parts (attacking the PLC and the RF capture/replay)."

    by Tim auf der Landwehr, Fox-IT

  • Breaking Practical White-Box Crypto Training

    by Guillaume Vinet

    "Everything was genuinely great! I am really satisfied, learned a lot, had fun and will definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested. Thank you!"

    by Ben Burkatovsky