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  • Advanced Microcontrollers Firmware Exploitation Training

    by Alexander Bolshev

    "This past week I attended the - Hardware Security Conference and Training on Advanced Microcontrollers Firmware Exploitation. The instructors, Alexander Bolshev & Tao Sauvage were beyond excellent. This conference helped further my knowledge and understanding of how to conduct non-invasive exploitation methods (buffer overflows, fuzzing, bootloader vulnerabilities, & much more). The material taught was very understanding with plenty of time to complete the labs. The instructors were extremely helpful when a topic was unclear and answered every question with ample knowledge. I have left this conference with much more knowledge than I had before. I highly recommend a - Hardware Security Conference and Training to anyone who wants to further their knowledge on the latest exploitation methods."

    by Layne Magee

  • Assessing and Exploiting Control Systems & IIoT Training

    by Justin Searle

    "Really great training, thank you very much! I particularly enjoyed the hands-on parts (attacking the PLC and the RF capture/replay)."

    by Tim auf der Landwehr, Fox-IT

  • Breaking Practical White-Box Crypto Training

    by Guillaume Vinet

    "Everything was genuinely great! I am really satisfied, learned a lot, had fun and will definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested. Thank you!"

    by Ben Burkatovsky

  • Fix-Up Online Networking Event

    "The Fix-up event by the team was a great addition to our IEEE PAINE 2020 conference and brought in many more people to the conference from all around the world!"

    by Dr. Navid Asadi Zanjani, University of Florida

  • Fix-Up Online Networking Event

    " was the industry partner of SPACE 2021 and participated hand in hand with the organizing committee in the unprecedented times of the pandemic. In fact, the enthusiasm, professionalism and logistical help from team as well as their own sub events (e.g., Fix-up) offered a strong back-bone to make SPACE 2021 a real success even in its first virtual edition"

    by Professor Debdeep Mukhopadhyay, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur