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The CTF organized by Quarkslab team is back for this physical event!

Ever wondered - How to reverse a PCB? How to spy on embedded devices? How do car chips work? How to solder under microscope?

Then this CTF is for you!

We've got plenty of challenges related to various themes such as RFID, Bluetooth, automotive, 3D, (de)soldering, radio, and much more. We will provide the hardware hacking tools you might need (soldering iron, logic analyzer, ...) as well as guidance on how to use them.

Just grab your PC and come try to solve our challenges. You'll have fun, learn new skills and who knows, maybe use these skills to break real embedded devices and propose a talk for next year!

A PC with Linux is needed for some of the challenges, but we've also some other ones that can be done without a PC.

How to Participate:
Once the CTF is open, come to our booth, register a new team and start playing.

CTF Time:
The CTF will be open from 2/6/2023 10:00 to 3/6/2023 13:00.

Top 10 Winners:

Position Winners Points
1 Ctrl+Alt+Defeat 2060
2 Faulty Signal 1600
3 Need more coffee 950
4 7im3Crisys 950
5 diff_hell 660
6 gsgx 650
7 Offroad 300
8 blackroot 300
9 DaddyDankberg 100
10 BitGoblins 100


Position Prizes
1st Place
  • Chipwhisperer
  • PCBite kit 4x
  • Chameleon Ultra Purple
  • The Hardware Hacker Handbook
2nd Place
3rd Place
Special Winner
  • Logic Analyzers Logic Pro 8 (Red)

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