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Talks from Netherlands 2023

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Keynote:- Hacking with AI: Our journey through the perils & promises by Dhinesh Manoharan video button
Breaking Secure Boot on the Silicon Labs Gecko platform by Benoît Forgette & Sami Babigeon download button
Basebanheimer: Now I Am Become Death, The Destroyer Of Chains by Daniel Komaromy download button
Protect your screen from eavesdropping: don’t forget its power supply by Emmanuel Cottais download button
Automated Fault Injection Attacks on Embedded Devices by Enrico Pozzobon & Nils Weiss download button
CSI:Rowhammer - Cryptographic Security and Integrity against Rowhammer by Jonas Juffinger download button
TEEzz: Fuzzing Trusted Applications on COTS Android Devices by Marcel Busch download button
Dissecting the Modern Android Data Encryption Scheme by Maxime Rossi Bellom & Damiano Melotti download button
Triple Exploit Chain with Laser Fault Injection on a Secure Element by Olivier Heriveaux download button
How deep is the rabbit hole? A deep dive into exploitation of a popular smart speaker by Sergei Volokitin download button
Understanding physics to break AES encryption with custom side-channel hardware by Stephan Mathieu & Roman Korkikian download button
Blue2thprinting (blue-[tooth)-printing]: answering the question of 'WTF am I even looking at?!' by Xeno Kovah download button
Attacking Vehicle Fleet Management Systems by Yashin Mehaboobe & Ramiro Pareja Veredas download button
Hacking a Smart Doorbell: An IoT hacking guide by Daniel Schwendner download button
Wasefire, a secure firmware framework by Julien Cretin & Jean-Michel Picod
A new future for IoT security: better solutions and what did not work so far by Dimitar Tomov, Guillaume Crinon and Nikita Veshchikov