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Talks from USA 2021

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Keynote:- (Almost) Automatic Testing of Cellular Security by Prof Yongdae Kim
Keynote:- The Cheapskate Revolution: Hardware Attacks from Millions to Tens of Dollars by Colin O'Flynn video button
Proving the efficacy of software countermeasures for fault injection by Joshua Beaker download button
Interacting with *OS hardware from user space by Jiska Classen download button
Boost your hardware reversing with glscopeclient by Andrew Zonenberg
Enabling dynamic analysis of Legacy Embedded Systems in full emulated environment by Ta-Lun Yen download button
The Mooltipass Open Source Hardware Authentication Ecosystem by Mathieu Stephan download button
Secure Builds for Secure Software by Chris Frantz
Building CANtact Pro: An Open Source CAN Bus Tool by Eric Evenchick download button
Extracting programmable logic with photons by John McMaster download button
Silicon security panel byAxel Poschmann, Rob Wood & Matt Areno