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Tell us your professional needs & objectives and we will match you with another conference attendee based on your common interests.

We act as a networking catalyst by providing smart introductions to relevant people.

These curated 1:1 professional connections are achieved as follows:

  • Tell about your background, goals, and interests through this form.
  • Let us know if you want to make only one or multiple new connections.
  • Our team matches you for a 1:1 (30min) video meeting.

Sign up for Fix-up until the 20th of June 2021, 23.59 pm PDT.

Your 30 min video meetings will take place during our Training days (5 – 8 July), just before the Conference days (9 – 10 July).

Start growing your professional network connections now!



Last year we envisioned and created Fix-Up, a unique and exciting networking project that we ran for NL in October 2020. We created this project because we knew that – compared to physical conferences where networking is a crucial part of the event – our online conference attendees would miss the thrill of getting to know new people and engaging in meaningful conversations.

Since then we have organized Fix-Up for two other conferences as well:

  • IEEE International Conference on Physical Assurance and Inspection of Electronics (PAINE 2020)
  • International Conference on Security, Privacy and Applied Cryptographic Engineering 2020 (SPACE 2020).
  • 3rd Israeli Conference on Hardware and Side-channel Attacks (ICHSA 2021)

Read what they say about Fix-Up here.