Stephan Gerling


Security Evangelist

Village Title

Front door night mare


I will present a closer lock onto electro mechanic door locks. How these locks are working in general and the different technics used by the vendors. After the overview, we will dig deeper in a specific lock and look how this lock is working. After this excursion i will show how to open the locks without a valid RFID Transponder and why this is possible.


49 years old electronic specialist, worked at German Army as electronic specialist on Helicopters and where in IFOR SFOR UNSCOM missions. more than 30 years a firefighter 18 years now security evangelist for my employer in the Oil & Gas Industry. Everything started with a C64 in 1983 I always want to know, how things works and i void warranty and my background in electronics and IT is my force. Geraffel & I am the cavalry member My Twitter handle is "@ObiWan666"