Anthony Lai & Kelvin Wong


Anthony Lai - Independent Security Consultant and Researcher
Kelvin Wong - Independent Researcher

Village Title

Chip-off Village


Come by the VXRL chip-off village and learn how to remove embedded eMMC chips for your own analysis. VXRL members will also teach you how to attack IoT/mobile devices to obtain privileges and gain access controls. In addition, some inexpensive JTAG/ISP and chip-off equipment will be made available for your testing and eMMC chips with circuit board kits will be made available for practice.


Kelvin is an independent researcher and recognized as the honoree of ISLA APAC in 2016. With more than 10 years experience in forensics field as a practice lead n cyber forensics, he is well-recognized for his expert ability to investigate cybercrime based upon sound detective methodology and gave opinions at the Court an Expert Witness. He is the only Asian speaker standing at the stage of the tp 3 forensics conferences: HTCIA US, SANS DFIR Summit and DFRWS EU; and published researches in different famous computer security conference like HITBAMS, DEFCON, HITCON, AVTokyo, APWG, and ISC2 APAC Congress. He is also the workshop/village trainer in CodeBlue, HITCON, DEFCON and VXCON.