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Emile Nijssen

Emile Nijssen

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Electric vehicle CAN man-in-the-middling


The CAN bus in electric vehicles is an exceptionally powerful point of entry for modifying vehicle behaviour. With no encryption or handshakes and both the drivetrain and cellular communication module on the same CAN bus, it only takes snipping 2 wires behind the glove box to attain essentially full remote control over the vehicle.

Speaker Bio:

I'm mux aka Emile Nijssen, I am an electronic design engineer with my company MUXSAN that modifies old electric cars to receive larger battery capacities, feature updates and generally tries to extend the life of what should be environmentally friendly cars (but which tend to get scrapped after 8-10 years).
I regularly blog and vlog at, do a lot of hardware engineering and am a fairly prominent member of the community. Although I traditionally stick to energy efficiency and miniaturization - my expertises in electrical engineering - I have recently had to go into security and reverse engineering on cars for my efforts in improving EV sustainability.