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Hardware Hacking #HackFearlessly

The third edition of the hardpwn will be held during training & conference at The Hague, Netherlands. At hardpwn, you will be able to hack fearlessly (vendor is asking you to) and get rewarded.

**Irrespective of whether you registered for conference or training at the Netherlands 2019, sign up is mandatory to participate in hardpwn Workshop/Contest.**


  • Hardware Teardown Workshop -
    23rd Sep 2019 | 9:30 am to 11:30 am
    24th Sep 2019 | 9:30 am to 10:30 am
    25th Sep 2019 | 9:30 am to 10:30 am
  • Hardware Hacking Contest -
    23rd Sep to 27th Sep 2019
  • Venue -
    Hotel NH Den Haag, The Netherlands

Hardware Teardown Workshop

Are you a software security researcher, interested in hardware hacking? or Someone who is starting into hardware hacking or want to learn how to hack real-life hardware devices? Then this workshop is for you. We will provide you hardware hacking tools, test devices to start into hardware hacking.

During the workshop:

  • Researchers will learn the basic skills needed for using various hardware tools for bug finding.
  • Understand the hardware hacking process and mindset.
  • Apply techniques to defeat the security of real-life products available at the workshop.
  • Vendors will talk about the underlying architecture of the devices & key areas of the hardware. They would also talk about the scope of the contest.
  • Use skills learned during the workshop to hack devices at the hardpwn contest to earn rewards & recognition.

Hardware Hacking Contest

The 3rd edition of hardpwn - Hardware Hacking Contest will be 5-days long event. So that security researchers get more time to hack devices. So hackers, bring your hacking machines to and #HackFearlessly.

What is the contest?

  • The organizer will provide target devices to the security researchers who have interest/expertise in Hardware Hacking.
  • If a researcher finds a vulnerability, it will be reported to a vendor in a controlled manner.
  • In return, for accepted submissions, the vendor will reward the researcher depending on the severity of the finding.
  • NDA is signed with the researcher, and the disclosure isn’t made public until the vendor fixes the issue.

Participating Devices:

  • Noke HD Bluetooth Smart Padlock
  • Nest Cam IQ
  • Google Nest Hub
  • Nest Hello
  • Nest Secure
  • Nest Protect
  • Google Home
  • Chromecast
  • Google WiFi

Contest Rewards:

For Vendors:

We are open for a Vendors/OEMs willing to test their devices at HardPwn challenge. Your devices will be tested by top security reseachers attending! Interested? Then shoot us an email on info [at] hardwear [dot] io.


To make your hacking experience smoother, we have following hardware hacking tools available at the hardpwn booth (but in limited quantities): JTAGulator, Chipwisperer, Expliot NANO, Hydra Bus, USB Microscope, Rework Station, USB- TTL, Proxmark3, Ubertooth, TNM5000, Jlink, Saleae logic, etc.

Participating Companies:

Supporting Partner: