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Craig Smith

Research Director of Transportation Security at Rapid7

Talk Title

Latest Metasploit Hardware Bridge Techniques

Talk Abstract

We will discuss usages of the Metasploit Hardware Bridge, how to integrate it into existing hardware platforms or new devices you maybe creating. We will also take a tour of some of the newer tools and modules written for the hardware bridge to date. These may include Vehicle hacking, RF/SDR Tools, and whatever new modules have been recently released.

Speaker Bio

Craig Smith is the Research Director of Transportation Security at Rapid7 as well as the Founder of Open Garages. Open Garages is a distributed collective of performance tuners, mechanics, security researchers and artists. Craig is also the author of the Car Hacker's Handbook and runs a Security Consulting firm that specializes in automotive reverse engineering. Craig has developed many open source utilities to teach CAN bus to students and well as security penetration tools that can uncover vulnerabilities in vehicle and diagnostic systems. Craig is the core author of Metasploit's Hardware Bridge and has work in the security field for over 20 years with the last 5 years focused on automotive.