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Matt Areno at Hardwear USA 2021

Matt Areno


Speaker Bio:

"Dr Matthew Areno is a Principal Engineer at Intel Corporation in the Intel Product Assurance and Security (IPAS) group. Dr. Areno completed his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at Utah State University in 2007 and took a position with Sandia National Laboratories. At Sandia, he focused on vulnerability assessment and reverse engineering of embedded systems primarily utilizing ARM-core processors. During this time, he also completed his Ph.D. at the University of New Mexico with dissertation work on strengthening embedded system security through the use of PUF-enhanced cryptographic units. In 2013, Dr. Areno took a position with Raytheon Cyber Security Innovations in Austin, TX; he served as a Chief Architect for a number of anti-tamper solutions, with specific expertise in establishing trust in COTS equipment. He joined Intel in 2019 and is now the lead of the Security Assurance and Cryptography group. Dr. Areno holds several patents and has numerous publications in the area of hardware security, system design, and PUF technologies.”