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Mathieu Stephan  at Hardwear USA 2021

Mathieu Stephan

The Mooltipass Open Source Hardware Authentication Ecosystem

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The Mooltipass Open Source Hardware Authentication Ecosystem


The Mooltipass project is a completely open-source ecosystem aimed at providing hardware-based authentication solutions. Its latest family member, the Mooltipass Mini BLE, features a dual microcontroller architecture aimed at separating the communications and security domains, together with an OLED screen and dedicated flash memories for credentials and graphics storage. The Mooltipass project is an ongoing 7-year adventure with contributors from around the globe. It has produced 3 hardware devices, multiple browser extensions, a cross-platform user interface and software daemon, an SSH agent and a python library.

Speaker Bio:

Mathieu Stephan is an electronics engineer who is actively involved in the open source movement. He specializes in designing devices from the ground up and alternates between full-time positions in the security and communication industries and contracting jobs in other sectors – from quantum physics to Formula E cars. He has been a writer for Hackaday and has a personal website filled with electronics projects.