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Andrew Zonenberg  at Hardwear USA 2021

Andrew Zonenberg

Boost your hardware reversing with glscopeclient

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Boost your hardware reversing with glscopeclient


Hardware reverse engineering often starts with collecting data from the target using an oscilloscope or logic analyzer. Existing open source tools for waveform analysis are quite limited, especially when processing large mixed signal datasets (such as power traces combined with serial buses). This presentation introduces glscopeclient, a high performance and easily extensible tool for controlling instruments and analyzing streaming waveforms at speeds in excess of 2 Gbps, using GPU acceleration when available. For more complex analysis or automated headless lab setups, users can write code that interfaces directly with instruments and protocol decodes via a C++ API.

Speaker Bio:

Andrew Zonenberg is an associate principal security consultant at IOActive’s embedded security lab. His interests include semiconductor reverse engineering, embedded systems security, operating systems, high speed signal integrity, and computer architecture. He has a Ph.D in computer science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.