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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to join Zoom?
A. You can join the conference on Zoom by clicking on the meeting link that you received in the confirmation mail after you register or by entering in the meeting ID at
Q. How to join the Breakout Room?
A. When a Breakout Room is opened, you’ll see a pop-up asking you to join the Breakout Room.
Q. How to leave the Breakout Room?
A. You can leave the Breakout Room either by staying until the end of the discussion (when you will automatically rejoin the main track) or you can click on “Leave Breakout Room” in the toolbar (bottom, right).
Q. How can I rejoin the Breakout Room?
A. If you have left the Breakout Room, but you want to go back, you can click on the “Breakout Room” button in the toolbar, and you’ll be back to the Breakout Room.
Q. I cannot unmute myself. Why is that?
A. In the main track you are automatically muted. You cannot unmute yourself, but you can turn your video on.
In the Breakout Room you’ll be able to have both your microphone and video turned on.
Q. My video/camera is not working.
A. Please check this Zoom link for some tips:
Q. My audio is not working on iOS or Android.
A. Please check this Zoom link for some tips:
Q. How can I ask a question from the speaker?
A. If you want to ask a question from the speaker, you are asked to send a message directly to the speaker by using the “Chat” button in the toolbar.
Q. How can I contact the team?
A. If you experience any other technical difficulties and want a quick response from our team, please send us a message on Discord: