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Ken, Alex, John, and Antoine at Hardwear USA 2024

Ken, Alex, John, and Antoine

Handson Decapping & Wire bonding Chips

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Handson Decapping & Wire bonding Chips


Learn to get chip dies running again once they have been decapped! This workshop covers methods to assess & decapsulate chips, die wire bonding and rebonding techniques, and a ton of hands-on experience with XRay Machines too

Speaker Bio:

Kenneth Nierenhausen is a hardware security expert, side channel security researcher, and silicon reverse engineer. They focus on memory extraction, and will rip and analyze memories out of any chip or device you like. They are a desert rat, and can be found wondering the deserts of the Colorado Plateau. It's incredible, the very sand we come from runs in the dies that come from us; it's all just magic sand.

John McMaster is hardware reverse engineer with a decade of embedded security expertise. He specializes in microcontroller data extraction using lasers, microscopes, and power analysis.

Antoine Bercovici is a micropaleontologist specializing in fossil pollen and spores. He is also an avocational electronic engineer, computer history buff, and collector of microprocessors, integrated circuits and silicon dies. Using his microscopy equipment, Antoine enjoy revealing the beauty and diversity of design hidden in integrated circuits through artistic colourful photographs, and publish on Twitter under the name Siliconinsider.