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Steffen Robertz at Hardwear USA 2022

Steffen Robertz

Self-labeling electronic shelf labels

Talk Title:

Self-labeling electronic shelf labels


Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) tags are increasing in popularity. More and more stores switch their price tags to digital ones for various reasons, such as competing with online wholesalers.

In this talk, we analyzed the 433MHz connection of a popular ESL tag and identified multiple security flaws that allowed us to spoof the RF signal and display arbitrary content on the displays. Furthermore, the original manufacturer of the E-Tag labeled microcontrollers was discovered. This talk will give an overview of analyzing unknown hardware with an unknown RF protocol without any prior known research.

Speaker Bio:

Steffen Robertz is a Security Consultant at SEC Consult who specializes in embedded systems. In his Job, he focuses on retrieving and reverse engineering of firmwares in order to find vulnerabilities. Due to his background as an electrical engineering student, he also takes interest in RF systems and hardware development.