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Jörg Stucke & Johannes vom Dorp at Hardwear NL 2023

Jörg Stucke & Johannes vom Dorp

Firmware Security Village

Workshop Title:

Firmware Security Village


The Firmware Security Village (originally a spin-off of the *Enter FACT* Workshop held at 2019) offers a CTF style experience in a firmware-related setting based on real firmware samples.
The village will offer multiple challenges, targeting different use cases of firmware analysis, including but not limited to

  • Security auditing
  • Penetration testing
  • Security research

Speaker Bio:

Jörg Stucke is researcher at Fraunhofer FKIE and is part of the Software and Firmware Security research group. Since its inception in 2015, he is a core developer of FACT.

Johannes vom Dorp is researcher at Fraunhofer FKIE and currently head of the software and firmware security group of Fraunhofer FKIE. He works on security analysis focusing on firmware and hardware security. Since its inception in 2015 he is core developer of FACT.