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Daniel Schwendner NL 2023

Daniel Schwendner

Hacking a Smart Doorbell: An IoT hacking guide

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Hacking a Smart Doorbell: An IoT hacking guide


Inexpensive wireless cameras and doorbells have gained widespread popularity due to their affordability. However, their cost-effectiveness often comes at the expense of robust security measures. This presentation dives into the IoT on the case study of a budget-friendly smart doorbell, revealing how potential attackers can exploit these weaknesses to not only infiltrate your WiFi network but also intercept the live video feed. Throughout this discourse, an exploration of various software and tools designed for the exploitation of IoT devices is undertaken, including techniques like Bluetooth Sniffing and extracting device firmware through physical access.

Speaker Bio:

Daniel Schwendner is a seasoned DevOps Engineer who seamlessly marries his expertise with an ardent passion for security research. With a specialized background in mobile application security, Daniel has made his mark by participating in live hacking events and contributing to prominent bug bounty programs. Beyond his professional accolades, he's an active voice in the digital community. You can follow his insightful journey, where he delves into the intricacies of security and tech, on his blog at