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Jiska Classen & Fabian Freyer at Hardwear NL 2022

Jiska Classen & Fabian Freyer

How To Tame Your Robot

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How To Tame Your Robot


Vacuum robots aren’t just useful helpers, they also are fun targets to look at – both as a neat hacking project and because they see your home when it’s the dirtiest. It’s generally known that many IoT devices suck when it comes to security and privacy, so we’ll give you a starter on how to take back control of your army of robots! We’ll be taking a look at a premium vacuum robot and showing you how to unlock its full potential to control it without the cloud connection and allow previously vendor-locked repair options.

Speaker Bio:

Jiska Classen
Because of a bad experience with cables and an army of vacuum robots, Jiska decided to get into wireless security. This was generally a bad idea;as her teeth turned blue and the only way to keep things safe from her now is by attaching cables. With this project, Jiska is going back to her roots(hell) to pwn some robots – retracing her initial steps into wireless hacking.

Fabian Freyer
Fabian has a love-hate relationship with static firmware reverse engineering. Using the advanced method of excessive amounts of intense staring at hexdumps in Binary Ninja, he attempts to find every needle in the haystack and every command handler in the firmware, only to be disappointed it doesn’t give a flag to hand in to the scoreboard.