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Santos Merino at Hardwear Netherlands 2021

Santos Merino


Supply Chain Security (and attacks)

Speaker Bio:

Santos Merino del Pozo is Principal Cryptographer at the Cryptography Research Centre (CRC), Technology Innovation Institute, a cutting-edge UAE-based scientific research centre. In this capacity, he heads the hardware engineering and hardware security research teams at CRC.

Santos brings to his role expertise in cryptography, secure subsystem lifecycle development, design and development of cryptographic IP cores, security evaluations (side-channel analysis, fault-injection), as well as hardware design and implementation security (side-channel analysis, fault-injection).

Prior to joining TII, Santos worked at Dark Matter, UAE as Senior Security Researcher and earlier as Security Analyst at Inside Secure, then known as Verimatrix, a silicon IP and secure protocols company based in Glasgow, Scotland.

Earlier in his career, he was Research Assistant at the Université Catholique de Louvain, where he worked with the Crypto team on side-channel analysis.

His research interests include cryptography, side-channel analysis and fault injection attacks, and the application of failure analysis techniques for hardware security.

A widely published author of multiple research papers on these areas of interest,

Santos has also co-authored three patents on cryptographic protocols for the Internet of Things. Santos Merino del Pozo holds a Master of Science in Computer Engineering from University of Cantabria, in Cantabria, Spain.