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David Calligaris at Hardwear Netherlands 2021

David Calligaris


Supply Chain Security (and attacks)

Speaker Bio:

In the CyberSecurity-verse since 199X, born in Italy but currently living in Germany.I'm leading an internal international team of Vulnerability Research for Huawei Technologies. The role of the team is to identify vulnerabilities in Huawei products. The activity of my team is focused on the following topics: Triage of Huawei Mobile Bug Bounty Program Vulnerabilities: In November 2019 Huawei Started a private Bug Bounty Program for Mobile Phones. Our role is to triage the vulnerabilities, perform variant analysis, communicate with Bug Bounty Hunters and Product Line to fix the vulnerabilities; Dynamic Security Testing: Implementation of state of the art fuzzers (user-space & kernel-space) for Huawei products. Before this experience in Huawei, I spend several years in a Cyber Security Consultant company Emaze S.p.A. in Italy. In this company, I started to work as a Vulnerability Researcher to become Chief Technology Officer (CTO) in 2015