Hardwear.io Call For Papers Is Open

hardwear.io is seeking innovative research on hardware security. If you have done interesting research on attacks or mitigation on any Hardware and want to showcase it to the security community, just submit your research paper. Please find all the relevant details for the submission below.

About hardwear.io

hardwear.io Security Conference is a platform for hardware and security community where researchers showcase and discuss their innovative research on attacking and defending hardware.
The objective of the conference revolves around four key concerns in hardware, firmware and related protocols i.e. backdoors, exploits, trust and attacks (BETA).


Training: 19th – 20th Sept 2017
Conference: 21st – 22nd Sept 2017



Prinses Margrietplantsoen 100
2595 BR Den Haag
The Netherlands

General Queries: [email protected]
CFP Queries: [email protected]


hardwear accepts papers on any topic that discusses in-depth hardware and firmware security both from the offensive as well as defensive perspective. Some of the topics of interest include (but not limited to):

  • Integrated Circuits
  • Processors
  • Internet of Things/Smart Devices
  • Hardware crypto
  • Embedded Systems
  • Automobile, Aeroplane, train automation systems and hardware components
  • Industrial Control Systems/SCADA Systems
  • Satellite Systems
  • Medical Devices
  • Smartphone firmware, hardware
  • Firmware
  • Hardware pentesting
  • Trusted Platform Module
  • Radio communication Protocols and hardware
  • Hardware Trust and assurance algorithms
  • Multimedia hardware, firmware, protocols
  • Telecom Hardware/Networks
  • Electronic/Physical Locks


New Research (40 mins – 1 hr) – is a deep knowledge technical track that includes new research, vulnerabilities, zero days or exploits. And by new we really mean new i.e. if your research or talk has been published/showcased (partially or wholly) before, it will fall under current research category even though there are enhancements/changes to the original research.
Current Research (40 mins – 1 hr) – Comprises of known security issues, new research presented/published elsewhere, case studies, twist to an existing research, vulnerability, exploit or research-in-progress.
Tool (30 mins – 1 hr) – Comprises of open source security tools, exploits, hardware etc. This is an excellent opportunity for the original authors to showcase their work to the world.

CFP Submission Form


Only the original authors should submit their research and any submission from a third party will be rejected. The Abstract should clearly mention the techniques and hacks in detail and merely mentioning that it works will not help in understanding the research to its full extent. Product/company marketing and pitches will be rejected. We request you not to submit any product specific talk.

Important Dates

  • CFP Opens: 15th Feb 2017
  • CFP Closing Date: 20 May 2017
  • Final list of speakers online: 15th June 2017
  • Training: 19th – 20th Sept 2017
  • Conference: 21st – 22nd Sept 2017

Speaker Benefits

1) For the New Research Category

  1. Travel Reimbursement (Either actuals or the below mentioned amounts, whichever is less)
    a. Speaker travelling from outside Europe (Based on actuals or Euro 1000 whichever is less)
    b. Speaker travelling from within Europe (Based on actuals or Euro 250 whichever is less)
    c. If your employer can afford (or pays for) your travel, we will not reimburse anything from our end i.e. we will only reimburse if no one is sponsoring your travel.
    d. Please provide the receipts/invoice of the travel along with tickets for reimbursement.
  2. Complimentary Accommodation for 3 nights.
  3. Complimentary conference pass.
  4. Invitation to hardwear.io party.

2) For the Current Research and Tool Category

  1. Complimentary accommodation near the venue for 3 nights.
  2. Complimentary conference pass.
  3. Invitation to hardwear.io party.

* Only one speaker will be eligible for the benefits in case there are two or more speakers for a talk.
** By submitting a paper and agreeing to talk, the speaker gives hardwear.io the right to post, publish, re-distribute online and offline, soft and/or hard copies of his/her presentation material including slides, source code, design specifications, detailed paper and the recorded video of the talk.

Hardwear.io - Hardware Security Conference

In the age of automation, with billions of connected devices, hardware security plays a key role in enabling trust in the core technology and components of automation. There is a predominant need to create a platform for hardware security researchers and companies to brainstorm on breaking and securing hardware.

With that in mind, somewhere in the mid of 2014, amidst all the news and concerns surrounding trust and backdoors in hardware equipment, Hardwear was conceptualized to provide the IT and security community with a platform to discuss and solve issues pertaining to hardware security. The objective of the conference revolves around four key concerns in hardware, firmware and related protocols i.e. backdoors, exploits, trust and attacks (BETA).

Hardwear is owned and managed by the team behind nullcon – International Security Conference (http://nullcon.net). We started our journey of spreading knowledge in the information security industry with nullcon in 2010, which has now become one of the premier security events in Asia.


Review Board

  • Alex Gantman

    Alex Gantman

    Vice President of Engineering for Qualcomm Technologies Inc
  • Aseem Jakhar

    Aseem Jakhar

    Director - Payatu Technologies Pvt. Ltd
  • Don A Bailey

    Don A Bailey

    Founder / CEO - Lab Mouse Security
  • Jasper van Woundenberg

    Jasper van Woundenberg

    CTO - Riscure North America
  • Joseph FitzPatrick

    Joseph FitzPatrick

    Security Researcher at Hardware Security Resources LLC
  • Adam Laurie

    Adam Laurie

    Director at Aperture Labs
  • Michael Ossmann

    Michael Ossmann

    Wireless Security Researcher
  • Murtuja Bharmal

    Murtuja Bharmal

    Director - Payatu Technologies Pvt. Ltd
  • Richo Healey

    Richo Healey

    Security Engineering at Stripe

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