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Thank you, volunteers

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Last month we concluded a very successful third edition of in The Hague. Since it was a milestone for us, team had put in a lot of effort to make sure the event this year superseded all expectations. And we would like to believe we managed to pull off a very commendable third year for

Before we take all credit for the success of this brilliant feat, we would like to thank a bunch of people who chose to volunteer for and in turn helped us put together an event that we are all so proud of. So here goes a note of appreciation and gratitude for all you wonderful people who helped us during the event.

Thank you, Kevin and Whizzman. The pictures you took did complete justice to the event. It takes someone with great imagination to turn pictures of circuits and ICs into a thing of beauty.

Cooper, thank you for being the man behind the camera capturing all those videos tirelessly.

Valentine and Andrea, you guys are the est coordinators ever! Thank you for taking up the most back-breaking task of registration and finishing it with so much grace. Also, thank you for all those tweets!

Bipin and Vincent, you were the true anchors of the event (pun intended) Thank you for holding the fort and that with so much poise and wit.

And finally, thank you, Pankit and Jen, for helping with the set-up and tear-down. You literally helped us from the start to the end.

It is truly heartwarming to meet and work with people in the community who are willing to help in every possible way. You guys rock!

See you next year.

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