Lady bird How to plan your trip and enjoy The Hague during the Conference and Trainings

This guide will help you with details related to tickets, lodging, transportation, food and recreation in Hague and nearby sights to ensure you have a great time and enjoy one of the most beautiful cities of the Netherlands during the 2017 Security Conference and Training.

If you are still in doubt on whether or not to participate in 2017 in The Netherlands, we hope this guide will help you make the decision.

Good luck and we hope to meet you at 2017 on September 19th to 22nd.

1. How to get in

By Plane

Arrive at Schiphol Airport

From the airport, you can hail a taxi to the conference venue NH Den Haag Hotel. Travel time via taxi should be 40 minutes and trip will cost around €110.

You could also take a train from Schiphol Airport to Laan Van Noi Station - the nearest station to the hotel. The trip takes 40 minutes and costs around €8.20 one way.

For your convenience, we have tied up with two major airlines KLM and Air France, to fly you from your destination to Amsterdam and back. To make things easier, we have attached the link here

By Train

The closest station is Laan Van Noi. The venue is at 8 minutes walk from the station. If you alight at Den Haag Central Station you can catch a Tram (line 3 or 4) to reach the venue. It takes 7 minutes via tram to reach the destination. If you choose to walk from Den Haag Central Station, it will take 16 minutes to reach the venue.

By Train

By Car

If you wish to drive up to Den Haag the hotel's GPS Coordinates should help

GPS Coordinates: 52.07869°N 4.3368918°E

There might be a Parking: Onsite Fee: €15 / day.

Click here to get directions.

2. Lodging

For your convenience during the conference, we recommend you to stay at the NH DEN HAAG Hotel. The daily prices range between €150 - €260.

The Hague being a tourist city provides ample of lodging options to choose around the venue. You can find budget hotels around Prinses Margrietplantsoen Den Haag. The daily prices range between €50 upwards. These hotels come with facilities like free WiFi, private bathrooms and air-conditioning. On Airbnb you can find shared rooms between €15 - €28 and entire homes around €40 - €55 per night.

3. Transportation

These are some of the options to take you around the City

  • Public Transit
  • Cab / Uber
  • Rent a Bike
  • Rent a Car

The Hague has a reliable public transit system known as the Randstadrail(TRAM). You can buy a day ticket for €6.50 or single ticket for €3.50. Taxis cost a minimum of €3.20 and fares are €2.05 per km. The city is also pretty bikeable and full-day rentals start at €7.50 per day.

4. Leisure

Plein Square

One of the most elegant spots in the centre filled with historical medieval buildings and lined with restaurants and bars. Its just 13 minutes from the hotel by public transport or 25 minutes by walking.

Plein Square

Mauritshuis Museum

Within a 1 minute walk from the Plein Square, you will find this Museum. This place contains a royal picture gallery of William V, Johannes Vermeer, and Andy Warhol.

Mauritshuis Museum
Mauritshuis Museum

Binnenhof Palace

Binnenhof Palace is where the Dutch government resides. The palace is also home to the Dutch throne, where the Queen delivers her speech to the parliament every year.

Binnenhof Palace
Binnenhof Palace

Ridderzaal Knights Hall

Ridderzaal Knights Hall

Originally built between the 13th and 14th centuries, this castle once belonged to the Earls of Holland. The building is visually striking and the interior is filled with famous wood carvings.

Japanese Garden

Located just 25 minutes by public transport or car from the Conference venue, this garden is a beautiful alternative to the Dutch culture that is predominated throughout The Hague. It is complete with a tea-house, beautiful rocks laid out in manicured areas, Japanese lanterns and statues, and plenty of idyllic pathways lined by flowers.

Japanese Garden
Japanese Garden

With so much that The Hague has to offer, it'd be a pity to miss the 2017 edition of This year will have 2 days of Conference and 2 days of Training, more than 300 attendees, 22+ speakers and trainers, networking, entertainment and more. Come to the biggest event of Hardware Security in The Netherlands!
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