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10 reasons to attend 2017

Our third edition of is happening in less than a month, so we decided to provide you with a few informative hints, for those of you who are still hesitating with the choice: “should I attend it or not?” Well, our answer is: Hell yeah, you definitely should! And here are 10 reasons why:

1. We hardware

Yes, we truly do! We care about its safety and are really concerned about the prevailing situation regarding it nowadays. That is why our 4 days of conference and training are entirely dedicated to hardware security. If you are as enthusiastic about it as we are, then this is a must attend event for you.

2. We know what we are talking about

We don’t just collect topics related to hardware at our conference. We choose only the newest, the most interesting, relevant and break through research existing in the industry at the moment. There are undoubtedly a lot of challenges involved, when it comes to hardware security in various segments where it’s implemented. From healthcare to automotive industry, from chip manufacturing to ATMs and payment systems. We covered it all for you! For instance, this year we have a training and a village dedicated just to Car Hacking.

3. There are no limits

Who else can deliver this amazing research, rather than its inventors and creators. Our Call For Papers has no geographical limits. All that matters, is creative ideas and one’s passion for hardware security. Our speakers will come from all around the world to share their knowledge with you. We are very proud to cooperate and work with such an incredible group of professionals and well-known experts in their field such as Joseph FitzPatrick, Craig Smith, Dr. Sergei Skorobogatov, Patrick Paumen and many others.

4. Get those skills up

You don’t just need to listen, we want you to get your hands dirty too! Metaphorically of course. We aren't mechanics here. This year we have prepared for you advanced hands-on trainings, workshops and villages that have proven their awesomeness on various highly rated conferences already. Learn from best of the best: “Low Level Hardware Reversing” by Javier-Vazquez Vidal & Ferdinand, who won Car Hacking CTF at DEF CON 25.

5. Make friends for business and for life

One of the main reasons behind is to bring the whole hardware security community together. There are numerous important topics to be discussed and resolved so why not help it a bit and gather security researchers, hackers, IT professionals, entrepreneurs and leading industries together in one place. Great talks, exciting ideas and good connections are guaranteed!

6. Find great talents

We strongly support and encourage students and young professionals in hardware security industry. A significant part of our attendees consists of students or PhDs. If you are looking for some new additions for your hardware team, then you have very high chances to find and hire incredible resources over here.

7. Opportunity for business collaboration

Another considerable part of our attendees is corporate. We try to involve as many professionals from all industries as possible, because we believe it is important to bring awareness about hardware security to every relevant field. What does it mean for you? You will be able to find a company related to your field of interest and who knows, maybe find your future business partner.

8. The Badge

No respectful hardware conference can’t be complete without an actual hardware items. Even if it’s just a badge. A very cool badge! Those are from previous years. How it will look like this

year? Mystery to find out….

9. The Hague

As you may know, takes place in The Hague, the Netherlands. This beautiful city in the heart of Europe has a very strategic location for us. Other then it’s a very convenient spot for those, travelling from various European countries, it is also a home of the Leading Security Cluster in Europe - The Hague Security Delta. We also have a generous support from Europol’s European Cybercrime Center, European Commission and The Hague Administration itself.

10. …. And lots of fun

Last, but certainly not least, it will be fun! We’re launching brand new hardware-related Capture the Flag Missions this year for you challenge lovers. Moreover, we have prepared various competitions and engaging activities to keep you buzzing in between the conference talks.

Hardware security is truly our passion and we would like to share this experience with people who have the same ideas in their mind. So all of you hardware ninjas out there, see you in September!

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