Talks Video Link Presentation Link
Opening Note,Mr. Hans de Vries - download button
Sergey Bratus(Keynote) video button -
Hardware Implants for Flashy Lights and Root Shells by Joseph Fitzpatrick video button -
Hacking ATMs and Point of Sale a Look at devices used to attack ATMs and POS systems by Weston Hecker video button -
Reverse Engineering vehicles Burpsuite Style by Javier & Ferdi video button download button
Electromagnetic Harmonic Attack on Transient Effect Ring Oscillator Based True Random Number Generator by Patrick Haddad video button -
How to make and break a Cortex-M3-based cryptographic token by Stefan Marsiske - -
Security review of LoRaWAN neworks by Renaud Lifchitz - -
Self driving cars and not so autonomous security by Nicolas Massaviol video button download button
You Can't Update Hardware over the Air by Enno Rey video button -
Tower defense for hackers: Layered (in-)security for microcontrollers by Milosch video button download button
How to fool an ADC, part II or attacks against sigma-delta data converters by Alexander Bolshev video button -
OLD SKEWL HACKING: DVB-T Black Button Pivot by Adam Laur video button download button
Hardware Forensics Past, Present, Future by Ronald van der Knijff & Marcel Breeuwsma - -
Dropping the MIC; picking up the keystore by Stefan Kiese video button -
Analyzing vehicle networks with CANToolz by Michael Elizarov video button -
CXO Panel 1 - The Path Toward IoT Security - -
CXO Panel 2 - The state of medical device security - -
Closing Note by Marie Moe - -

  • IC Security 101 by Oliver Thomas
  • Low Level Hardware Reversing by Javier-Vazquez Vidal & Ferdinand
  • Applied Phsical Attacks on X86 Systems by Joseph FitzPatrick

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