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Keynote by Jon Callas - -
Keynote by Harald Welte - -
got HW crypto? On the (in)security of a Self-Encrypting Drive series by Gunnar Alendal and Christian Kison - -
Security of Medical Devices by Florian Grunow - -
Semantics-aware Intrusion Detection for Industrial Control Systems - -
Hardware Hacking with the Beaglebone (Bl|H)ack by Joe FitzPatrick and Dominic spill and Jeremy richards - -
Advanced Attack Methodologies against Security Microcontrollers by Marcus Janke and Dr. Peter Laackmann - -
"Workshop Hands-on introduction to Side Channel Analysis (SCA) by Lukasz Chmielewski & Rajesh Velegalati" - -
Demystifying the Sagemcom ECGI420 OneBox by Tamir Bahar - -
Hacking Satellite TV receivers : Are those IoT devices secure ? by Sofiane Talmat - -
Hacking Satellite TV receivers : Are those IoT devices secure ? by Sofiane Talmat - -
Attacking hardware for software reversers: Analysis of an encrypted HDD by Raphael RIGO and Joffrey CZARNY - -
NSA Playset: Bridging the Airgap without Radios by Michael Leibowitz - -
"Workshop Kernel Tales - Testing security of Kernels for Embedded devices by fuzzing drivers by Vito Rallo" - -
From off-the-shelf embedded devices to research platforms. Two case studies: a PLC and a SSD by Lucian Cojocar & Herbert Bos - -
Advanced IC Reverse Engineering Techniques : In Depth Analysis of A Modern Smart Card by Olivier THOMAS - -
Living in a fool's wireless-secured paradise by Stefan Kiese - -

  • IC Security 101 by Oliver Thomas
  • Low Level Hardware Reversing by Javier-Vazquez Vidal & Ferdinand
  • Applied Phsical Attacks on X86 Systems by Joseph FitzPatrick

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