Stefan Marsiske


avatarSpeaker Name: Stefan Marsiske 

Title:  How to make and break a Cortex-M3-based cryptographic token

PITCHFORK is a new device for compartmentalizing key material and to do mostly post-quantum cryptographic operations in a small and durable USB device. In this workshop the hardware and software design will presented, together a comprehensive threat model, attack surface and mitigations.
The goal of this workshop is to inspire the audience to:
  • build their own PITCHFORKS and play with crypto on them
  • to make the audience have fun breaking everything built in 1/ or similar devices.
About the Speaker

Stefan gives workshops on radare2, embedded hw, lockpicking, soldering,  gnuradio/sdr, reverse-engineering, crypto topics. Stf also does trainings on OPSEC for journalists and NGOs among others with the Tactical Technology Collective. Last year he scored in the top 10 of the Conference on Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems Challenge. He does a lot of other stuff too, he freelances as a pentester and operates one of the most comprehensive databases on EU policy-making. He played important roles in the founding of some central European hackerspaces, tech events and various NGOs. Long before all this he worked for Siemens doing reverse-engineering, Unix development, telco security and innovation management.