Nicolas Massaviol

NicolasSpeaker Name: Nicolas Massaviol

Title: Self driving cars and not so autonomous security

Car hacking is still new research even if it is a trending topic and as such is being covered by a number of other research/talks. This one will present  some current real life vulnerabilities found in vehicles to illustrate the future challenges of this industry, in particular related to the autonomous vehicule. We will take a deep dive into the diagnostic systems and the legal backdoors that are already deployed or being designed as part of the future legislation. We will also explain the challenges raised by the autonomous vehicule and what it means for the current and future security features included in cars.


About the Speaker
Nicolas Massaviol is a security researcher and co-founder of Toucan-System in 2010. He loves breaking things and has made a living out of it. Although not a regular speaker, he is usually around in conferences. He has been involved in many domains including hardware and embedded systems security. In the last couple of years, he has been working with several auto makers. During this research, numerous vulnerabilities were reported and corrected but he also acquired some experience worth sharing.