Michael Elizarov

(null) Speaker Name: Michael Elizarov

Title: Analyzing vehicle networks with CANToolz.

Our research has primarily been focused on studying and analyzing the CAN bus, which is the standard bus used in all modern cars. For this research we developed CAN bus penetration tool called CANtoolz. This was a starting point for taking control over all the functions within a modern car. As a result, we are now able to fully take over control car utilizing a USB to CAN adapter. At Hardwear.io we would like to show the prototype of our new analysis hardware as well as new extensions to the CANtoolz. The hardware will allow for connecting to multiple CAN buses within the car simultaneously. Our team consists of Alexey Sintsov, Dmitry Nedospasov, Michael Elizarov, Sergey Khoruzhjenko, Sergey Kononenko, Anton Sysoev, Ilya Dinmukhametov.


About the Speaker

Michael Elizarov (@_saplt) is a security researcher from Russia. Focused on penetration testing and protocol security. Now working on car’s security project with russian CarPWN team and creating open source hardware staff.