Joseph FitzPatrick

joefitz263Speaker Name: Joseph FitzPatrick

Title: Hardware Implants for Flashy Lights and Root Shells


Even though a handful of hardware manufacturers are making some basic efforts to harden devices, there are plenty of cheap and easy ways to subvert hardware. The leaked ANT catalog validated that hardware implants are real and worthwhile, while the projects of the NSA Playset have explored what’s possible in terms of cheap and easy DIY hardware implants.

I’ll present some continued research and show off a handful of simple hardware implants that can use JTAG, DMA, and direct physical access to undermine consumer electronics, IOT, and industrial control devices in ways that are generally undetectable in normal software.

I’ll conclude with several potential design decisions that could reduce vulnerability to implants, protect existing hardware systems from tampering, and increase the cost and complexity of these types of attacks.

About the Trainer
Joe (@securelyfitz) is an Instructor and Researcher at Joe has spent over a decade working on low-level silicon debug, security validation, and penetration testing of CPUS, SOCs, and microcontrollers. He has spend the past 5 years developing and leading hardware security related training, instructing hundreds of security researchers, pen testers, hardware validators worldwide. When not teaching Applied Physical Attacks on x86 Systems, Joe is busy developing new course content or working on contributions to the NSA Playset and other misdirected hardware projects, which he regularly presents at all sorts of fun conferences.