Javier and Henrik

Javier-Vazquez-Vidal hardwear_800wSpeaker Name: Javier Vazquez Vidal & Henrik Ferdinand Nölscher

Title: Reverse Engineering vehicles Burpsuite Style

In this talk, Javier and Ferdi proudly present the CanBadger. It is a tool that aims at speeding up reverse engineering and penetration testing of automotive systems. It is not a regular CAN interface – in fact, it can be controlled by a computer using USB or Ethernet but it can also run in standalone mode without a computer.
Furthermore, the CanBadger can be fully assembled for under 40 USD. With this tool, existing and new attacks can be conducted in an easy, burpsuite style way. The audience will be introduced to the rich feature set of the CanBadger. After a short introduction to protocols, there will be a live demonstration, covering the novel
  • Diagnostics Security Hijack and
  • Man-in-the-middle Attacks.
  • The Replay and Emulator modes will also be covered.
About the Speaker

Javier Vazquez Vidal is passionate about technology and specializes in hardware and embedded systems security. He studied Electromechanics and Telecommunications, developing a passion for electronics and technology since his youth. He has been part of several projects that involved well-known hardware, but his first public work was released at Black Hat Arsenal USA 2013, the ECU tool. He also presented the CHT at Black Hat Asia 2014, a tool to take over the CAN network, and shown how a smart meter can be fully compromised at BlackHat Europe 2014. He is currently working as a IT Engineer, and has worked for companies such as Tesla Motors, Airbus Military, Visteon.

Ferdinand was very passionate about information security ever since he was young, and hardware security is a big field of interest for him. In the past, he has been working with Javier in numerous embedded security projects. He is currently employed as an information security expert at Code White, where he enjoys breaking software and hardware in creative ways.