Enno Rey

Enno_Rey_Profile04 Speaker Name: Enno Rey

Title: You Can’t Update Hardware over the Air – Reflections on the Role of Hackers in an IoT World


Unsurprisingly the advent of hardware in many parts of our daily live has vast implications for our (not only) perception of safety and security. One particularly important angle is the one of control which, in many cases, is intermingled with  Software potentially riddled with flaws. In this talk I’ll discuss what this means for security researchers in the field or, put differently, why – as Angus Blitter pointed out once – ‘hackers are a national resource’ more than ever.”

About the Speaker

Enno Rey is the founder and Managing Director of ERNW GmbH, where he and his crew focus on assessments and research in all areas of IT security. During his 18 years of experience in the field of the IT security he has conductedmultiple technical and risk analyses of important technologies that affect the world of the Internet of Things, such as IPv6, multiple network protocols, and many current devices capable of various interfaces. Enno also has a strong interest in the ethical parameters of those in and around the IT Security world.