Blog – How Did It All Start?

How Did It All Start?

We, at, are organizing our first ever conference and training pertaining to the reasonably overlooked aspect when it comes to technology – Hardware Security. The event will take place in The Hague, Netherlands this 1-2 Oct 2015 with talks and trainings on backdoors, exploits, trust, assurance and attacks on hardware equipment, firmware and related protocols. There is a bunch of interesting ideas and concepts to be discussed like security of medical devices, low level hardware reversing and IC security to name a few.

And in this blog post we want to give you a little bit of our background and share with you why we are doing it and how did it all start for us? is a brainchild of the team behind Payatu Technologies – a boutique security testing and services organization specializing in Products, Application and Infrastructure security assessments and deep technical security training. One of our premier security events, “nullcon” has been running successfully since 2010. Arranged annually with a sole motive of bringing researchers, security enthusiasts and professionals on a single platform to discuss and brainstorm about subjects on securing new technology for building an efficient and secure automated environment. We continue to deliver the latest information and research on technical, strategic and business aspects of information security which helps organizations take proactive and protective measures to safeguard their critical data and assets.

In the midst of 2014 when we were planning to take nullcon to Europe and begin a new journey, we realized we should introduce something more innovative, valuable and breakthrough than deliver a usual setting to the industry that thrives on advancement.

The idea for was established then and also due to the critical concerns revolving around the trust and backdoors in hardware equipment. We wanted to create a platform that will not only discuss, but solve the life threatening and critical issues pertaining to Hardware Security. We were also aware that not many were talking about this subject which from our perspective should be given more highlight, considering that criminals were hijacking medical devices to create backdoors in hospital network (, a United Plane was hacked ( and over 10,500 small dish satellite systems are vulnerable to cyber attacks (

We didn’t take long to connect with the experts from the field and put together an event that will help the security community to learn from the industry leaders and acknowledged dignitaries. We wanted to keep it simple, fun yet very interesting and valuable. Hence, brings you an exceptional panel of speakers who will engage you with experiential takeaways; discussions on subjects of paramount importance and networking with awesome folks. We intend to provide you with a great space that will give you a “wake up call” on Hardware Security with a lot of fun.

Hope to see you there!