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Five reasons to attend

Here are 5 reasons you would never want to miss – Hardware Security Conference and Training on September 29th – October 2nd in The Hague, Netherlands

1. The Best Hardware Security Talks: The list speakers and talks have already been announced and by looking at the list it looks promising. is going to be the first of its kind of Hardware Security conference in the world so you can expect the best talks ever on Hardware Security.

2. Take a Selfie with Jon Callas & Harald Welte 🙂

3. Find the best Hardware Security Researchers: is the first of its kind of security conference dedicated to hardware security so it will be a great opportunity to meet and interact with some of the best hardware security researchers of the world otherwise who you may not find anywhere else.

4. Solder your own badge: All participants at receive a cool electonic hardware badge and get to solder it on their own.

5. Chill out at The Hague: If you want to enjoy the nightlife or just chill out in the day, The Hague is a place for you with its rich cultural heritage it is one of the best places to plan a vacation. Check out more:

Hope to see you at September 29 – October 2nd in The Hague, Netherlands