Archives – 2016


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Opening note by Hans de Vries
Keynote on Tower defense for hackers: Layered (in-)security for microcontrollers by Milosch Meriac download-icon play_overlay
Keynote on Wright’s Principle: a guiding light for hardware security by Sergey Bratus play_overlay
Hacking ATMs and Point of Sale a Look at devices used to attack ATMs and POS systems by Weston Hecker play_overlay
How to fool an ADC, part II or attacks against sigma-delta data converters by Alexander Bolshev play_overlay
Security review of LoRaWAN networks by Renaud Lifchitz
Reverse Engineering vehicles Burpsuite Style by Javier Vazquez Vidal & Henrik Ferdinand Nölscher  download-icon play_overlay
Electromagnetic Harmonic Attack on Transient Effect Ring Oscillator Based True Random Number Generator by Patrick Haddad play_overlay
OLD SKEWL HACKING: DVB-T Black Button Pivot by Adam Laurie  download-icon play_overlay
Hardware Implants for Flashy Lights and Root Shells by Joseph FitzPatrick play_overlay
Analyzing vehicle networks with CANToolz by Michael Elizarov play_overlay
Self driving cars and not so autonomous security by Nicolas Massaviol  download-icon play_overlay
Dropping the MIC; picking up the keystore by Stefan Kiese play_overlay
Closing Note on Breaking my own heart by Marie Moe
Closing Note on You Can’t Update Hardware over the Air – Reflections on the Role of Hackers in an IoT World by Enno Rey play_overlay